What the Duck (Pick-up/Local Delivery)

What the Duck (Pick-up/Local Delivery)

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Feed your dog a variety of proteins to ensure they are getting a balanced diet. This novel protein will delight your dog with its difference- and wait til you see them munch with glee when they find the duck neck or wing hiding under the mince!

Whats so good about this?
-all human grade ingredients from accredited suppliers.
-no preservatives or additives.
-no fluid or cheap fillers.
-recyclable packaging.
-made with love in our PrimeSafe accredited warehouse.


  • Duck Mince (40% bone)
  • Duck Neck or Duck Wing
  • Green Tripe Powder or Pieces 
  • Offal Mix (50% beef liver/25% beef kidney/25% beef spleen)
  • SuperGreens Veg
    (zucchini, kale, spinach, parsley, alfalfa, brewers yeast, organic safflower oil, organic kelp powder)

  • Mix all ingredients before serving.