MFM Product Safety Recall 27/10/23


*PLEASE READ: Important information regards MFM Product Recall 

We have been informed by Meals for Mutts that a select number of 2.5kg, 9kg and 20kg dog food batches may contain traces of mould, we are therefor immediately recalling these products as they pose a health risk to dogs if consumed. 

We have been provided with the best before dates of the batches affected and these can be found below:

Grain Free Salmon & Sardine 

2.5Kg: 3/09/2024, 5/09/2024, 7/09/2024

20Kg: 20/08/2024, 1/09/2024, 4/09/2024, 6/09/2024, 17/09/2024, 9/10/2024

9Kg: 20/08/2024, 26/08/2024, 27/08/2024, 5/09/2024, 6/09/2024, 7/09/2024, 14/09/2024, 26/09/2024

Salmon and Sardine

20Kg: 16/08/2024, 17/08/2024, 4/10/2024

9Kg: 5/09/2024

Salmon & Sardine Large Kibble

20Kg: 18/07/2024, 19/07/2024, 12/10/2024

9Kg: 12/08/2024, 13/08/2024

Grain Free Duck & Turkey

2.5Kg: 1/09/2024, 3/09/2024, 4/09/2024

20Kg: 4/09/2024, 7/09/2024, 20/09/2024

9Kg: 3/09/2024, 4/09/2024, 5/09/2024

High Performance Turkey

20Kg: 13/08/2024

9Kg: 13/08/2024


Do I need to do anything?

If you are currently feeding Meals for Mutts please stop immediately until you have checked the best before date of the relevant protein. If you have a bag that matches the above dates please return to store for a full refund. We will need proof of purchase, if you do not have a receipt but can remember the date you purchased the food from our store we will be able to locate this on the system.


More Questions?

We will be sure to keep our customers up to date with any further information or batches added in the mean time if you have any further questions you can direct them to the Meals for Mutts Customer Service team:


Your dogs health and wellbeing is our number one priority so please know our team are taking this matter very seriously and will work closely with the MFM team to get to the bottom of this issue.


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