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Seed Me (Pick-up/Local Delivery)

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Nuts and seeds bring balance to a raw diet by providing a range of Essential Fatty Acids plus various vitamins and minerals that are often lacking (like Vitamin E and Manganese). 

Seed Me mix contains: 

Hemp Seeds: Essential Fatty Acids GLA & ALA plus magnesium & manganese. 

Sunflower Seeds: Essential Fatty Acids LA plus Vitamin E, B6 & B9.

Pumpkin Seeds: Essential Fatty Acids LA plus magnesium, manganese & tryptophan.

Almonds: Vitamin E, magnesium & manganese.

Brazil Nuts: Selenium

Pine Nuts: Lutein carotenoid (great for eye health) 

The nuts and seeds are soaked for 24hrs and then ground in a food processor for optimal absorption. 

Keep refrigerated and use within 7 days once defrosted.