Fringe - Toy Box Surfs Up Dino

Fringe - Toy Box Surfs Up Dino

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Give your dog a gnarly good time with the Fringe Studio’s Surfer Bro Rex!

Surf’s up, dude! Surfer Bro Rex has his swim trunks on and surfboard and is ready to ride the waves of fun with your pet. Our favourite dinosaur friend has a loud n’ proud squeaker inside to keep your dog’s attention and help entertain your pet. Rex isn’t just a soft, plushy toy - he can crackle and crunch, too, thanks to the crinkle paper inside! The crinkle material adds texture and mentally stimulating noises that your dog finds irresistible.


  • Fun surfer T-rex dinosaur plush toy for dogs - a true bro to have for company and playtime!
  • Features a single loud squeaker to keep your dog engaged with their new favourite toy
  • Includes crinkle paper inside that gives the toy a unique crunchy texture and crackling sound
  • Soft and cuddly dinosaur pet toy that doubles as a snuggle buddy during naps
  • Adorable character design that adds personality to your dog’s toy collection
  • Ideal for medium-sized dogs

Colour: Green

Dimensions: Approx. 29.2cm x 25.4cm 

Get your dog stoked for fun with the Fringe Studio’s PetShop Surfer Bro Rex Plush Toy!