Canine Ceuticals- Beef Bone Broth+

Canine Ceuticals- Beef Bone Broth+

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Beef Bone Broth+ makes the perfect addition to your dog's meals.

Beef Bone Broth+ is packed full of easy-to-absorb nutrients that benefit every part of your dog's body. A daily serving of Beef Bone Broth+ can support:

Gut healing and repair

Beef Bone Broth+ is rich in nutrients such as collagen, gelatin, glycine, glutamine and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).

Collagen, gelatin and glycosaminoglycans each play an essential role in connective tissue function and help to nourish and heal the intestinal lining and reduce inflammation, making bone broth essential for dogs with chronic inflammatory conditions or leaky gut. 

Glycine plays a significant role in metabolic processes such as detoxification and digestive function and is a key component of collagen.

Glutamine plays a fundamental role in intestinal health by providing intestinal cells with the energy they need to function properly, including maintaining the integrity of the gut lining and reducing leaky gut.

Enhanced immune function and anti-inflammatory action 

The majority of our dog's immune system is connected to its digestive system, where it acts as the body's first line of defence. By working to restore the integrity of the intestinal lining, the ingredients in Beef Bone Broth+ enable the immune system to function more efficiently at preventing pathogens and other foreign materials from entering your dog's bloodstream and triggering systemic inflammation and disease.

The amino acids found in bone broth, including glycine and arginine, have strong anti-inflammatory effects. Arginine, in particular, may be especially beneficial for fighting chronic inflammation. Glycine is one of three amino acids that your body uses to make glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals, which are thought to underlie many diseases.

Chaga is a supreme immunomodulating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and tonic medicinal mushroom primarily used to prevent and treat immune dysregulation, gastrointestinal conditions and skin conditions.

Reishi is noted for its adaptogenic, immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory activity. Reishi is considered to be a primary phytomedicine for immune dysregulation and fatigue due to infection and chronic disease. 

Cordyceps is utilised as an immune and nervine adaptogen specific for pathogen-induced inflammation and immune dysregulation. Cordyceps profoundly supports the body during chronic illness, especially during an infection.

Lion's Mane has a long history of traditional use for maintaining healthy immune function and supporting cognition and nerve health.

Increased hydration

Beef Bone Broth+ is a great source of electrolytes that provide a quick and easy way to keep your dog well hydrated during illness or on hot days.

Improved joint, skin and coat health

The ingredients in Bone Broth+ play an essential role in connective tissue function, providing strength for muscles, joints, ligaments, cartilage and bone.