Bugsy’s - Catch Me If You Can CATS

Bugsy’s - Catch Me If You Can CATS

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BUGSY Australian grass fed BEEF TENDON & TURMERIC is 100% human grade minced meat, freeze dried to perfection, infused with natural anti-inflammatory Turmeric . 
This “Catch Me If You Can” functional snack is a soft, chewy meat patty with great palatability for the fussy cat. 

Perfect for all cat breeds at different life stages prone to hip dysplasia to help repair overworked joints by alleviating arthritic symptoms. 

The BUGSY promise is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Zero Grains, Gluten, Glycerine
Zero Preservatives and Additives
Zero Synthetic Vitamins 
Zero Sketchy Chemicals


Australian Grass Fed Beef, Beef Tendon, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Turmeric, Black Pepper