Paws In Earnest- Stopple for Stuffers

Paws In Earnest- Stopple for Stuffers

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The Stopple is designed to make enrichment prep easier! Working as a stand and a stopper to prevent the contents spilling on your surfaces. Featuring a handy magnet for storage after use. Available in sizes Medium or LargeThe product itself is made with eco friendly plastic (created with plant starch from corn.)

Compatible on the following products - 
Kong - Medium, Large & XL (The sizes related to the Kong sizes)
Gnawt-A-Cone (Ruff Wear) - Fits Large Stopple
Soda Pup Can Toy size Large - Fits XL Stopple

Soda Pup Coffee Cup Toy size medium - Fits Medium Stopple
Soda Pup Dino Egg - Large - Fits Large Stopples
Soda Pup Skull - Large - Fits XL Stopple
Gucho Penguin - Fits Large Stopple
Planet Dog - Artichoke and Aubergine - Fits Medium Stopple
Tonka - Fits XL Stopple
B&M Tough Stuff Treat Dispencer - Fits Medium Stopple
Aldi Stuffable toy - Fits Medium Stopple
Nylabone Stuffable Cone Medium - Fits Medium
Ruffer and Tuffer Sumo Skittle Dog Toy - Fits Medium Stopple
Sodapup Cupcake - Large Stopple
Soda Pup Christmas Tree - Large
Soda Pup Pumpkin - Large

(We are continuously testing other stuffable toys, if you find others that fit please let us know and we can update the list) 



Pack Size - Individual

This product is not dishwasher safe.

Colour may vary slightly from photos.

Please remove before serving to your pet.